Hold Integrity – Stop COVID-19 Cyber Fraud

Hold Security, a Cyber Security and Threat Intelligence company, is seeing a great increase of cyber criminals taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. As one of our contributions we are launching this project to assist our society with identification of fraud, phishing, abuse, and other cyber-attack vectors related to new domain registrations. We are leveraging our Hold Integrity solution – Domain Integrity Service to identify recent registrations of domain names containing COVID-19 related terms.

Domain Registration Data

Why are we doing this?

Recently we saw a significant growth of domain registration containing terms related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not all of these domains are registered for a good purpose. We see a rise of global phishing, abuse, fake sites and products all related to the pandemic. One way to fight them is with knowledge. We are publishing historical records, as well as we will keep up publishing daily updates, of all domains that we see registered around COVID-19 related terms.

Technical data

We are monitoring all TLDs (top level domains) and nearly all new domain registrations. Using regex terms like

*covid* OR *corona* OR *korona*
we are generating output along with similar domains primed for abuse (i.e. C0V1D-I9) and International Domain Names using other than Latin alphabet characters to register these domains. We will be refining these terms and setting up additional filters in a near future.

Lastly, this project will only work if people use it. Feel free to share this site in your social media or among your colleagues and friends. Organizations that are able to help or contribute to this project should contact us.